UALR Uses i3 Federal Funds to Up-Scale Reading Recovery

The UALR Center for Literacy is a participating partner in the Ohio State University’s $45.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to scale up Reading Recovery across the United States. UALR received a total of $1.7 million to expand Reading Recovery in affiliated sites, including $100,000 in matching funds from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation to scale up Reading Recovery across Arkansas schools. The i3 grant provides money for tuition, training fees, and supplies, plus a professional development stipend for each teacher for training-related costs such as attendance at a Reading Recovery conference, travel to and from training classes, and additional books and supplies. In addition, each teacher receives a set of little books and a set of professional books.

During the current year, a total of 43 teachers and one teacher leader are being trained with i3 grant funds. Twelve Reading Recovery teachers are being trained for nine Arkansas school districts: Waldron, North Little Rock, Cedar Ridge, Magnolia, Midland, Russellville, Valley View, Sheridan, and Van Buren. In addition, teacher leaders affiliated with the UALR Center for Literacy are using i3 funds to train Reading Recovery teachers in Missouri, Tennessee, and Montana.

This is the fourth year of the grant. During the first three years the grant provided funds to train a total of 119 teachers in sites affiliated with UALR. Next school year (2014-2015) is the final year of the grant. Schools interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Dr. Janet Behrend (501-56-3097, Applications can be downloaded on the Reading Recovery page.

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