2017 Comprehensive Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference Session Handouts

All available handouts will be posted at the discretion of the presenter. Please print any handouts that you want to have available during the conference. Any handouts not posted will be made available during the session at the discretion of the presenter.


Sunday, October 15


Handouts will be provided in registration packet.


Monday, October 16


Barbara Schubert: I Used to Think…But Now I Think…

Barbara Schubert: Book Bags

Session #1

Marcia Jordahl & Sarah Smith: Strategic Prompts Scaffold Strategic Readers

Adria Klein: Analyzing Language Related Error Patterns in Running Records

Tara Caul & Darcy Schobert-Bethke: No More Silos- Designing for Transfer

Nathalie Coulter: Teaching Elementary Students Wisdom Through Scaffolding During Collaborative Reasoning Groups

Lunch Keynote

Dr. Patricia Bandre’: Why Reading Literature in School Still Matters

Session #2

Jan Robbins & Dr. Pauline Moley: Performance Power to Develop Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Jan Robbins & Dr. Pauline Moley: Rainforest Unit Notes CCSS

Jan Robbins & Dr. Pauline Moley: 2 Day Instructional Cycle

Session #3

Lynn Newmyer: Improving Student Reading and Writing

Dr. Karen Scott & Dr. Craig Carson: Systems Change for Success Comprehensive Literacy at the Core

Tuesday, October 17


Dr. Richard Gentry: Scaffold with Kid Writing in the 21st Century

Session #1

Dr. Debra Rich: Vocabulary – Which Words Do I Teach?

Dr. Richard Gentry: How Spelling Knowledge Ignites the Reading Brain

Dr. Susan Grogan: Teacher Collaboration and Research

Session #2

Dr. Patricia Bandre’: Using Picturebooks to Raise Student’s Awareness of Authors’ Craft

Dawn Stiegert: Empowering Teachers Through Reflective Practice- Using Videotaped Analysis

Dawn Stiegert: Collaborative Inquiry Protocol for Video Viewing

Dawn Stiegert: 5 Levels of Prompts for Scaffolding p. 2

Dawn Stiegert: 5 Levels of Prompts for Scaffolding p. 1

Dawn Stiegert: UALR Teachers as Researchers Handout

Dawn Stiegert: Protocol for Learning Team Video Observations

Session #3

Wendy Satterfield & Carla Soffos: Better Serving Struggling Readers

Forbes: Powerful Teaching Decisions – Acceleration Through Reciprocity