Effects of the Comprehensive Intervention Model on Literacy Achievement of K-2 Struggling Readers, 2012-2013

This quasi-experimental study examined the effects of the CIM on the literacy gains of K-2 struggling readers. The purposes of the study were to (1) investigate the effect of layered interventions on reading acceleration; (2) investigate the effect of structured reflections on instructional decision-making and effectiveness; and (3) demonstrate the capacity to conduct a multi-state research investigation on the CIM. The study included 47 intervention teachers from 24 sites across 9 states. Data (TRL and SORT) were collected on 326 intervention students and a random sample of 400 non-intervention students. The study found that CIM students were meeting or approaching proficiency by the end of the intervention. Case studies of teacher reflections indicated that many teachers focused more on behaviors than instructional decisions. The study demonstrated that the CIM could be scaled up through university and school partnerships.