Mission and Goals

The UALR Center for Literacy is committed to influencing educational change through teacher development, collaborative partnerships, and literacy research that results in significant increases in student achievement. To achieve the mission, the Center has ten goals:

  1. To build partnerships with schools, universities, foundations, and agencies that are committed to improving literacy in Arkansas and the nation;
  2. To provide specialized training to educators in evidence-based literacy programs with proven results;
  3. To advocate for reading specialists, intervention specialists, and literacy coaches as agents of literacy change;
  4. To engage in collaborative research that leads to the development of practical and usable knowledge for literacy improvement;
  5. To provide professional development opportunities through annual conferences, summer institutes, and literacy workshops;
  6. To publish scholarly work that contributes to the literacy field and influences the practices of literacy professionals;
  7. To secure grants for conducting research in significant areas for literacy improvement;
  8. To provide support for educators in school planning, program evaluation, and literacy improvement;
  9. To utilize technology as a tool for observing real-time teaching and engaging educators across multiple sites in constructive, problem-solving discourse;
  10. To advocate for teachers and children through active involvement in professional organizations and policy initiatives.