Mission and Goals

The mission of the UALR Center for Literacy is to use literacy as a lever to influence educational change that leads to significant increases in student achievement in grades K-12. To achieve the mission, the Center has ten goals:

  1. to build literacy partnerships between schools, universities, foundations, and agencies that are committed to continuous school improvement;
  2. to provide specialized training to educators in research-based literacy programs with proven results;
  3. to advocate for reading specialists, Reading Recovery teachers, intervention specialists, and literacy coaches in all schools;
  4. to engage in collaborative research with schools and universities;
  5. to provide professional development opportunities through annual conferences, summer institutes, and literacy workshops;
  6. to produce scholarly work that brings recognition to the Center through books, articles, newsletters, media publications, reports, and such;
  7. to secure grants for conducting research on the literacy models and other significant areas in literacy education;
  8. to provide support for educators in school planning, program evaluation, and literacy improvement;
  9. to implement, evaluate, and refine the uses of technology for engaging in high-quality, apprenticeship-type experiences within schools, and
  10. to advocate for teachers and children through active involvement in professional organizations and policy initiatives.