Training Application

The UALR Center for Literacy accepts applications for training literacy coaches in the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) model until June of each school year. The application process includes an interview (face-to-face or teleconferencing) to support the school in preparing for a successful implementation.

2016-2017 Application

PCL Implementation Guidelines and Standards

Training Design

The PCL literacy coach participates in a graduate certificate program that focuses on preparing PCL coaches in ten areas:

(1) teaching struggling readers using the Comprehensive Intervention Model as a Response to Intervention method;
(2) implementing inquiry-based classrooms that use an integrated workshop framework across reading, writing, language, and content areas;
(3) coaching teachers to create model classrooms where other teachers can observe and interact around literacy events;
(4) assisting model teachers to become grade-level teacher leaders who collaborate with peers in implementing comprehensive literacy classrooms;
(5) providing demonstration lessons in evidence-based practices to all teachers;
(6) conducting literacy team meetings, reflective activities, data meetings, and other professional learning experiences that focus on developing teacher expertise for improving student learning;
(7) coordinating, monitoring, and assessing the school’s literacy program;
(8) aligning high-quality classroom instruction and supplemental interventions to promote congruency and transfer across multiple settings;
(9) analyzing school data for literacy improvement; and
(10) advocating for the school’s literacy model, such as hosting school visits, preparing school brochures, producing annual reports for school boards and other groups, and presenting results at professional events.