Criminal Justice and Composition I

Introduction to Criminal Justice: CRJU 2300-08, TR 12:15-1:30, Kyle Burgason

Introduction to Criminal Justice is a broad introduction to Criminal Justice and Criminology. This class is aimed at providing students with an understanding of the three major phases of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. Students will be exposed to some of the measures of criminal behavior and the criminological theories that attempt to explain these actions.


Composition I: RHET 1311-29, TR 10:50-12:05, Sean Berryman

Composition I will engage students in reading and writing on topics of Criminal Justice with an emphasis on the practical aspects of law enforcement. Course research will focus on topics that emphasize Criminal Justice application, which will also include, to a lesser extent, Criminal Justice theory. Assigned research topics will coincide with the topics covered in Introduction to Criminal Justice.

Note: Both courses fulfill university core requirements.