Why Apply?

Benefits of being an ARK-LSAMP Scholar include:

  • $800/semester stipend
  • $1,200 stipend plus free room and board for attending the Summer Institute before your freshman year
  • In-depth academic advising and mentoring
  • Opportunity to attend enrichment activities and be part of a learning community
  • Opportunity to conduct research and present at conferences

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Other benefits include:

  • Thriving and achieving at a high level in the science,
    technology, engineering, and math areas
  • Learning how to network and with a diverse group of peers,
    faculty, and staff
  • Leading and following in teams
  • Speaking effectively in public settings
  • Getting the most out of every course that you take
  • Writing high impact resumes and marketing your academic credentials,
    leadership abilities, and work experiences
  • Participating in STEM related internships