How can I apply to ARK-LSAMP Program?

You need to complete several forms to apply to the University Science Scholars Program.

  • Fill out and submit the on-line UALR Admissions Application ( You must apply on-line.
  • Fill out and submit the on-line UALR Academic Scholarship Application (
  • Fill out and submit the on-line Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Submitting this form on-line is faster and easier but you can submit a paper form
  • Fill out and submit the ARK-LSAMP application form.  This application includes writing a personal essay on your interests, goals, accomplishments, and work ethic.
  • For priority consideration, your LSAMP application should be complete by February 1st; however, we will accept applications until May 1st depending on available funds.
  • You should submit the UALR Scholarship form by February 1st to qualify for many other scholarships at UALR.