Take Concurrent Courses It Helps

I think everyone should try to take college concurrent courses if it is offered at your high school. It really gets you prepared for the college courses you will be taking at UALR. It also puts you farther ahead.  I took concurrent courses my sophomore, junior and senior year of high school. I can say it truly prepared me for the courses I’m taking now at UALR. I’m happy to say nothing has surprised me yet. I came to UALR with 24 hours which is a year ahead of a normal freshmen. Now imagine that, being a year ahead  when you come to college. That could give you time to take up that extra major or minor without getting behind. You will have more time for extracuriclars and wont have to cram so much in your first year. If you stay on top of your grades and hours you could even graduate early. Now when your thinking what courses you should take your senior or even junior year think about this. Always remeber if you cant fit them in during the school year you have that summer before. So try it! It helps!

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