Power Points Workshops: Resources

A two-part series of workshops offered by the AHSS Teaching with Technology Team.

On February 1st and the 15th, the AHSS Teaching with Technology Team sponsored workshops to help faculty learn more about effectively using PowerPoint for teaching. The team identified this need from the results of a survey administered to faculty in the spring of 2007. This page provides access to presentations and other digital resources used during the workshops.

WebCT/Blackboard Swap Meet: Presentations by Mark Burris June 6:

Mark's Resources >>

Mark's presentation Innovative Learning with Blackboard CE offered suggestions on best practices for making the most of this online teaching tool.

Power Points: Grabbing Students' Attention with Presentation Technologies by Tom Richeson and Jim Spencer on February 1st:

Tom's Resources >>

Tom demonstrated how he uses audio, video, and unique slide design to enliven his Introduction to Music core classes and engage students. (Note: Audio and video files can be quite large, so two of Tom's files--those ending in ".mov"--are both over 150MB.)

Jim's Resources >>

Jim's presentation...


Power Points: Designing Powerful Classroom Presentations by Chad Garrett and Amy Thompson on February 15th:

Chad's Resources >>

Chad's presentation offered psychological principles and proven best practices for making the content of presentations more usable.

Amy's Resources >>

Amy's presentation showed participants how to adapt the Rule of Thirds using photographs and text boxes to add more visual interest and balance to presentation slides.