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Master of Arts in Counseling: Rehabilitation Counseling

Transfer of Credit

Up to twenty-seven hours of credit may be accepted in transfer from other accredited graduate programs subsequent to review and approval of course content. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be accepted as transferable credits for students who already hold a masters degree.

Students wishing to request transfer of credit must their faculty adviser to discuss the transfer. Students must submit an official copy of syllabus for the transferred course.

From the UALR Graduate Catalog:

Graduate credit may be granted for equivalent course work from other institutions with approval of the
appropriate program coordinator and the Graduate School Dean. Such credit may not exceed one half of the
program requirements, exclusive of thesis or other exit project credits; must be no more than five‐years‐old; and
must have a letter grade of B or better.
Courses without letter grades (graded credit, satisfactory, pass) must be accompanied by official evidence that
such grades equated to a B or better at the institution at which they were earned. Accredited graduate programs
usually accept transfer credits only from similarly accredited programs. Correspondence courses are not accepted
for graduate credit. (Also see Workshop Credit Limits” below.)

Transfer grades are not computed as part of a studentʹs GPA.

Individual programs may accept fewer transfer hours than the Graduate School. Decisions on credit transfer
are normally made and recorded immediately after the student has been admitted. Credits accepted for transfer
will be posted when the studentʹs Application for Transfer Credit has been approved and forwarded by the
Graduate School Dean. (Source: UALR 2009 Graduate Catalog, page 33)

Courses Applied Toward Two Degrees

Generally, credits earned to satisfy the minimum requirements of one graduate degree may not be counted toward a
second graduate degree. However, if two graduate programs require the same or similar courses, a student who has
completed one of the degrees or is concurrently pursuing both degrees (such as two master’s degrees) may, with approval
of the Dean of the Graduate School, request an exception to the general rule. Exceptions may not authorize duplicate credit
for more than 12 hours or result in a combined total of less than 60 graduate hours for two UALR masterʹs degrees.
Similarly, exceptions may not include courses required in the prerequisite masterʹs degree for admission to a doctoral

The concurrent Master of Business Administration/Juris Doctorate degree program is offered through the UALR
College of Business Administration in conjunction with the UALR School of Law. The program allows students to earn
MBA and JD degrees concurrently with less time and fewer credit hours. Contact the business administration program
coordinator for more information.

The Master of Public Administration degree can also be earned in conjunction with the Juris Doctorate degree. The
program allows students to earn MPA and JD degrees concurrently with less time and fewer credit hours. Contact the
public administration program coordinator for more information. (Source: UALR 2009 Graduate Catalog, page 34)

Updated 5.3.2010