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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Interdisciplinarity and Teaching

You may wonder how an interdisciplinary program can benefit your teaching career. A general search for information about interdisciplinary methods in K-12 or university-level teaching will result in thousands of articles and book chapters. There is strong interest building across the nation in teaching from an interdisciplinary perspective, including both team-teaching and solo teaching ideas and techniques. A teacher who has a good grasp of interdisciplinary theory and practice should be at an advantage for approaching these new ideas and implementing these new techniques.

Here are just a few samples of what’s being said about the potential and the practice of teaching with an interdisciplinary background:

K-12 Academics



Project Muse: We Are What We Teach: American Studies in the K-16 Classroom

An Analysis of an Interdisciplinary
Experience in Art, Music, and Social Science with Fifth Grade Classes in Traditional School

The Interdisciplinary Studies Project is funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.

Updated 6.11.2013