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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Sample Thesis/Project Titles

Below are some examples of disciplines studied and theses completed by graduates of the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program (formerly known as the MA in Liberal Studies):

Jeremy Allen, Rhetoric and History, “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: History of the McAlmont Church of Christ”

Steve Allsup, English and Theatre Arts: “Greek Myth in Film”

Melvin Beavers, Rhetoric and History: “Authenticating Blackness: The Problem of Cultural Appropriation and Representation on Television and in Film”
Elaine CorumElaine Corum, Rhetoric, Gerontology and Social Work: “Through the Valley of the Shadow: A Journey of Commemoration and Healing”

Britney Finely, Psychology, Health Science, and Education: “How the President’s Challenge Serves as an Assessment Tool to Motivate Third Graders in an Inner City Elementary Physical Education Class”

Lori Gardner, Rhetoric and Writing, Psychology, and Social Work: “Gender Bias As Evidenced on Political Blogs in the 2008 Presidential Elections”

Regina Gibson, Gerontology and Health Science: “Physician Communication with Older Patients, Particularly, Older African-American, About Sexual Health and Sexual Risk Behaviors for HIV/AIDS”

Sheila Glasscock, English and Music: “Characteristics of Modernism in Selected Works of T.S. Eliot, George Gershwin, and Eugene O’Neil”

Natalie Griffin, Music and Education: “An Analysis of Elementary Student Piano Compositions ”

Stacy Harter, Rhetoric and Writing and Education (Learning Systems Technology): “Elements Used to Build Online Community: E-Learning Versus Social Networking Websites”

Barbara Hildebrand, Psychology and Health Science: “Predictors of Smoking Behavior in a National Dataset of Adolescents”

Ana Hollis, Psychology and Health Sciences: “Psychological Correlates from Diabetes”

Deborah Hreczkosij, “The Great Depression: A Comparative Literature Examination Through the Use of Newbery Award Books”

Steve Jauss, English and Rhetoric and Writing: “Toward a Unified Theory of Quotation”

Valerie JohnstonValerie Johnston, Psychology and Rhetoric and Writing, “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Theory of an Efficacious Treatment Plan”

Valerie Johnston, Psychology and Rhetoric/Writing: “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Theory of an Efficacious Treatment Plan”

Jessica Kokinos, Rhetoric/Writing and Public Administration: “Nonprofit Ethos and Identity: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Websites”

George Lea, History and Political Science: “A Diamond in the Rough: The History of Taylor Field”
Samuel Oneygam, Political Science and Rhetoric/Writing,

Samuel Onyegam, Political Science and Rhetoric and Writing: “Historical Comparative Case Study of Emerging Hegemonic Behavior: Perspectives on the Peoples Republic of China”

Kevin Quinn, History and Journalism: “The old gray lady and the campaign for the equal right amendment in Arkansas: A content analysis of the Arkansas Gazette 1972-1979″

Jane Rampona, Psychology and Social Work: “Psycho-sexual Politics of Life on the Streets: Narratives of Homeless Women and Formerly Homeless Women”

Clay Robinson, Political Science and History: “Of the Common Law World view and the American Constitution”

Laura TharelLaura Tharel, English and History, “Arthur and Guinevere, Medieval to Modern: An Historical Analysis of the Arthurian Legend”

Laurie Vescovo Knight, Psychology, Gerontology, Education: “The Prevalence of Overweight in Elementary School Children: An Interdisciplinary Approach for a School-Based Intervention”

Helen Webb, Secondary Language Acquisition and Spanish: “A Cultural Study of La Casa de los Espiritus by Isabel Allende”

Doug Weatherly, English and History: “An Amicable Divorce or Irreconcilable Differences: The Aesthetic Value of Ezra Pound’s “Hugh Selwyn Mauberley” Outside of Its Historical and Intellectual Contexts”

Below are some examples of disciplines studied and Final Projects completed by graduates:

Cynthia Beck, English and History: “Nubbins. A Digitization of a book of Poetry by Hen-Toh (AKA Bertrand N. O. Walker), with Introduction and Annotation”

Chelsea Bishop-Ward, Rhetoric and Writing and Student Affairs: “A Rhetorical View of Grant Writing”

Damon BullockDamon Bullock, Gerontology and Criminal Justice, “Elder Abuse: Prevention and Intervention Project”

Jayme Butts-HallJayme Butts-Hall, History and Political Science: “Turning Compassion into Action: Animal Welfare in Little Rock, Arkansas”

Shannon Caldwell, Rhetoric/Writing and Applied Communication: “Communicating with the World One Moment at a Time: Teachable Moments with Bill Clinton”

Amel Djouadi, Political Science and Public Administration: “School Choice: A Case Study of a Charter School”

Terry Espino-Bright, Rhetoric and Spanish: “A Memoir of Language and Motherhood”

Brian KinderBrian Kinder, Music and Studio Art, “One More Time”: An Audio CD of Children’s Songs Composed and Published by Brian Kinder

Larry Lachowsky, Philosophy and Higher Education: “Course Development: Ethics and Professionalism for Land Surveyors”

Daisy Lee Stringer, Rhetoric and Education: ”Meeting the Unmet and Under Served Social Needs of Older Adults in Rural Populations of Arkansas”

Gretchen Skinner, Psychology and Social Work: “Effects of Demographic Variables and Motivation on Training Needs of Family Service Workers in Arkansas”

Judy Warner: “History and Practice of Ozark Fiddling”

Lance Watson, Music and Radio, Television, Film: “A Comparison of Church Music Service Software Including a Pilot Project to Allow End Users to Assess Software and Equipment”

Updated 12.4.2012