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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Alum Spotlight 2010

We recently interviewed George Lea, a MALS graduate. George is currently a teacher and coach. He talked with us about his MALS experience, research, and advice for current students. An excerpt from his thesis, Taylor Field: A Diamond in the Rough, was recently published in the latest issue of the Jefferson County Historical Quarterly. Further excerpts are slated to be published soon so keep a look out for this distinguished alum!

Tell us a little bit about your thesis and the areas you studied in MALS.

In my thesis, Taylor Field: A Diamond in the Rough, I researched the construction, early use, and unique aspects of Taylor Field, a baseball field located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The facility was constructed in 1939 using WPA funds and was used by both professional and amateur baseball clubs, including about a dozen Negro League games in 1940. It was also utilized by political figures as a stage for launching campaigns and hosting debates in the 1940’s-1950’s. My two fields of study, political science and history, tied all of these aspects together. Read more »

Updated 9.20.2011

Alum Updates 2010

MALS 2010 Alum Survey

We recently conducted a survey of MALS graduates to find out what they are doing and what they think about the program in retrospect. Results point to the diversity of student interests possible through an interdisciplinary study program. Several MALS alums are professionals in medical, non-profit, service, and computer/technical fields. 68% of MALS alums are active in teaching K-12 or teaching at a 2 or 4-year college. Analysis of the data reveals that 100% of respondents were satisfied with their decision to pursue and receive a MALS degree. When asked why they chose the MALS Program, respondents commented on the flexibility of the degree and opportunities to include coursework from a variety of areas. Specific responses include, “To tailor my degree to my own specifications”, “to combine interests in both major and minor fields of study”, “it had the widest variety of opportunity”, and “the flexibility to complete the degree at my own pace”.

Have an update?
If you’re a MALS alum and you have an update you’d like to share with the MALS community, please contact Angela Hunter at or at 501-569-3312. We look forward to hearing from you!
Updated 9.20.2011

Program Updates 2010

Some news from our busy 2010 year

In February 2010 MALS welcomed Dr. Allen Repko (author of articles and books about interdisciplinary research) to lead a thesis writing workshop. He shared guidelines for combining multiple disciplines and suggestions for synthesizing complex ideas. Dr. Repko also provided feedback on students’ thesis proposals.

During spring 2010, MALS reached out to local K-12 teachers in the Little Rock School District. We think MALS is a great program for teachers who want to deepen knowledge in their content areas of teaching while also having the opportunity to explore issues in pedagogy.

We are now on Facebook and Twitter under the name UALR MALS! Friend us to stay in touch with the MALS Program. There is also a MALS Facebook group for current students, faculty and alums to share and discuss. We look forward to forming a vibrant online community.

Dr. Angela Hunter, coordinator of the MALS Program since Fall 2004, was awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Liberal Studies. Congratulations!

Thank you to the MALS GAs who supported the program for 2 years straight: Natalie Griffin and Justin Sangster. We appreciate all of your hard work!

Updated 9.20.2011

Student Updates 2010

Congratulations to our Spring and Summer 2010 graduates!
Lori Gardner (Rhetoric, Mass Communication, & Psychology)
Judy Warner (Music and Rhetoric)
Natalie Griffin (Music and Education)

We would like to send a special welcome to the new students who have recently joined our program.

Our Spring 2010 admits and their disciplines of study are:
Brian King (English and Philosophy)
Terina Freeman Mitchell (Music and Education)

Our Fall 2010 admits and their disciplines of study are:
Jessica Kokinos (Rhetoric and Writing and Public Administration),
Keith Smith (English and History)
Jeff Wright (Anthropology and Theater)
Holly Beard (English and Speech Communication)
Whitney Thompson (English and Mass Communication)
Jessica McWilliams (Rhetoric and Political Science)
Derek Lind (History and International Studies)
and Nataliya Shull (International Studies and Political Science)

**Jessica Kokinos-Havel and Jeff Wright are the new Graduate Assistants for the department and they are very much looking forward to getting to know everyone in the MALS program.**

Updated 9.20.2011

Application Deadline for Fall 2010

If you are interested in applying to the MALS Program for the Fall 2010 semester, please be aware that applications should be completed by April 15, 2010 for consideration.

All elements of the application go to the Graduate School at UALR. If you have questions about beginning the application or the status of your application, please contact them at 501-569-3206. See admissions requirements for specific information. Or contact us with questions about applying.

Click here to begin the application through BOSS.

Updated 9.20.2011

Thesis Workshop 2010

In February 2010 MALS welcomed Dr. Allen Repko to lead our thesis writing workshop. Dr. Repko is the Director of Inderdisciplinary Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the author of several articles, book chapters, and books on the topic of interdisciplinary research. MALS students were invited to submit abstracts of their research and receive feedback from Dr. Repko. The workshop involved guidelines for writing, helpful hints regarding style, the art of combining two disciplines, and suggestions for synthesizing complex ideas. Dr. Repko also met with MALS students for an informal brunch to discuss their research. This workshop was made possible by the Recruitment and Retention Grant from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Updated 9.9.2010

Program Updates Fall 2009

This section highlights the talk by Edward Gamarra, details on the grant that MALS received last academic year, and updates on professors involved with MALS. Read more »

Updated 8.31.2009

Admissions Updates Fall 2009

We would like to welcome several new students to the MALS Community. These students joined the program in Spring or Fall 2009. Read more »

Updated 8.31.2009

Alum Spotlight Fall 2009


Corum.jpgElaine Corum, a 2005 graduate of MALS, agreed to talk to us about her life after the MALS Program. Elaine also holds an MA in Psychology. She is currently a full-time instructor of writing at UCA. Read more »

Updated 8.31.2009

Alum Updates Fall 2009

Our alums continue to research and present in their various fields. Learn more about their presentations and awards. Read more »

Updated 8.31.2009
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