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Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing

Independent Study Proposal Memo Requirements

Independent Study (RHET 7150, 7250, 7350) Information

1. If you want a professor to direct an independent study, you need to submit a proposal to him/her before you can expect him/her to say “yes.”

The proposal (in memo format) should specify the topic and your interest in the topic; it should also state the purpose and scope for the project and, if applicable, the tentative thesis.

In addition, the memo should include a working bibliography.

The proposal, then, becomes a contract between you and the professor, a contract that specifies what you will read and write.

2. After you and the professor have signed the proposal (contract), make two copies and give the original to the professor for safekeeping in his/her files.

Give/send a copy to the Graduate Coordinator; keep the last copy for your files.

Updated 3.30.2009