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Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing

Financing Your Studies

Contact Dr. Karen Kuralt for more information about assistantships at 501-569-8334, or email her at

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate assistantships are 10/20 hour(s) per week and carry a stipend of roughly $3,225/$6,450 per year and a waiver of half/full tuition per semester. Although assistantships have usually been awarded to second-year students, second-semester students (and even some first-semester students) have received assistantships. They are awarded for the nine-month academic year and are renewable by semester, depending upon funding and performance.

Assistantships in the Rhetoric and Writing Department are limited and thus competitive. Students are encouraged to also submit an assistantship application and resume to the Graduate School for assistantships elsewhere on campus.

Teaching Assistantships
Teaching assistantships are 10/20 hour(s) per week and carry a stipend of roughly $3,225/$6,450 per year and waiver of half/full tuition per semester. Teaching assistants are normally assigned to the First-Year Writing Program and are required to enroll in a teaching practicum class during their first teaching semester. Teaching assistantships are usually awarded to students who have been in the program at least one year and who have successfully completed RHET 7310 Composition Theory although students with exceptional credentials may be awarded teaching assistantships in the first year.

Click here to complete the online assistantship application.

Other Opportunities
Cooperative Education and Internships
Cooperative Education and Internships are structured experiences that formally pair academic courses with work related to the student’s career goals. Participating students apply classroom theory to real-life situations in their chosen field while earning graduate credit.

Local Employment
Opportunities for writers are relatively good in the Little Rock area. Many PTW graduate students have acquired positions with local consulting, business, educational, and government entities. Scheduling of most PTW courses during evening hours allows students to hold full-time jobs while attending classes.

Updated 4.13.2009