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Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing


There are seven basic steps to follow when putting together your professional writing portfolio (PWP):

1. Creating a Comprehensive Folio.
2. Choosing a PWP Form.
3. Selecting Content for the PWP.
4. Revising, Tailoring, and Organizing the PWP Contents.
5. Designing the PWP Package.
6. Reviewing the Final PWP.
7. Presenting the PWP to its Intended Audience.

As you can see, the steps necessary to create a PWP are fairly simple. However, since most student writers have many unanswered questions regarding professional writing portfolios, this guide will attempt to explore the deeper issues involved in the seven steps mentioned above. The following sections correspond to the steps. Step One explains how you create a comprehensive folio. Steps Two through Six cover the procedure to develop a presentable PWP. Step Seven completes the process with advice for presenting your PWP.

If you heed the advice and follow the directions in this guide, you should be able to produce a sound, useful, impressive PWP. However, no guide can hope to anticipate your particular experience or needs, so be alert to ways in which your work can improve or strengthen the PWP, and ways to customize the PWP for your specific needs.

Updated 11.8.2008