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Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing

Final Project

The Final Project is your thesis. Think of it as the capstone of your experience in the PTW program. Your project should reflect your career goals and demonstrate the practical skills you will need in the next step towards those goals. If you choose to enter a doctoral program, an academic paper would be most appropriate. If you choose the teaching profession, then consider a project that you can use in the classroom.

Your final project should be approximately 70-100 pages. Choose a topic that is manageable and of interest to you. This will help to keep you motivated to complete the project on time. Be creative and original to make your project outstanding. You can get ideas from topics that surface in your coursework or from questions you might have. Familiarity with your topic will make your work easier. You might find it helpful to to take an Independent Study course to do extra research before you start your project.For sample topics, see Past Thesis Projects.

You will work on the Final Project in two consecutive semesters, first in RHET 8300, and then in RHET 8301.

Updated 8.6.2009