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Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing

RHET 8300/8301

Rhet 8300

RHET 8300 is a prerequisite for enrolling in RHET 8301. You will choose your Final Project Committee (see procedures listed below), prepare, and present your final project proposal in RHET 8300. You will also complete your Master’s Portfolio. It is important that you pay attention to guidelines and observe deadlines in order to complete all the requirements for this course on time.

The steps below should be completed with permission from the Graduate Coordinator and your Committee Chair. To print forms and examples, you will need Acrobat Reader.

Procedures for RHET 8300:

  1. Enroll in 8300 with permission from the Graduate Coordinator.
  2. Review Final Project Committee Procedures for Faculty (printable form).
  3. Review Final Project Committee Procedures for Students (printable form).
  4. Select your Final Project Committee, and file the Thesis Committee Appointment Form.
  5. Get Committee approval on proposal by filling out the Proposal Sign-Off Sheet.
  6. Fill out Graduate Survey Form and submit to 8300 professor/Graduate Coordinator.
  7. Turn in portfolio.

RHET 8301

You will complete and defend your final project in RHET 8301. Pay careful attention to all procedures and deadlines. You should plan a couple of meetings with your committee for review of your project as you proceed. The dates given below are the latest that you can deposit the completed project for a timely defense:

  • May 1 for defense in Spring
  • August 1 for defense in Summer
  • December 1 for defense in Fall

Keep in mind that you need to submit the completed project to your committee at least two weeks before the final deposit for your defense. You should set a date for deposit of the completed project and then work backwards to set dates for meetings. For a May 1 deposit, you should turn in the completed project no later than April 14 and set up committee meetings early in February and March. For defense in the Summer, make sure that your committee members will be available.

Procedures for RHET 8301:

  1. Enroll in RHET 8301 with permission from the Graduate Coordinator and your Committee Chair.
  2. Prepare the Final Project. (If needed, fill out online and print out the following: Change Final Project Committee or Change Final Project Topic). More information and specific thesis guidelines (the “Dissertation and Thesis Guide”) can be found online at the Graduate School website. You may also download a PDF of the UALR Thesis and Dissertation Guide, which includes examples of a Title Page, Signature Page, Fair Use and Duplication Page, and Abstract Page. The downloadable examples of the following pages reflect the required content of each page, not necessarily the formatting.
      • Title Page
      • Copyright Page
      • Signature Page
      • Fair Use and Duplication Release
      • Abstract
      • Table of Contents
      • Acknowledgements
      • Text
      • Appendices
      • Bibliography
  1. Defend Final Project.
    • Fill out Schedule Defense Form, which you can fill out online (two weeks ahead of defense) and print out.
    • Have defense signature form ready (not printable).
    • If using any visual aids, coordinate ahead of time with Larry Henthorn or your committee members.
  2. Prepare final draft of Final Project (before binding).
    • Approximate Deadlines. Since dates have been changing rather frequently as of late, you should refer to the Graduate School website.
    • You must have an original signature page for each bound copy of your Final Project printed on 24lb. bond, acid-free, white paper. Committee members must sign each signature page–no copied pages accepted.
    • Take signed signature pages and draft of Final Project to the Graduate School Dean for final approval. It takes approximately two days to receive approval.
    • Print Final Project on 24lb. bond, acid-free, white paper. You must print all copies to be bound. The bindery does not reproduce copies.
    • Minimum of three (3) copies printed. One will be filed in the UALR Library, the second will be filed in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, and the third will be filed TBA. All copies must be turned into the Graduate School Dean’s office.
    • Extra copies to consider: your personal library, family, or Committee Chair.
    • Paper can found at Office Depot and is approximately $10 for 100 sheets or $40 for 500 sheets.
  3. Contact Bindery. A number of our graduate students have used Library Binding Company, Waco, TX and have been pleased with the results.
    • Cost for binding is as follows (as of Spring 2007):
    • $20 per copy, no minimum order

For more information please see the Graduate School Thesis Guide.

Updated 8.7.2009