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M.A. in Rehabilitation of the Blind: Orientation and Mobility

Equipment Requirements and Online Resources

Minimum System:
PC Windows-Based Computer with a Pentium 400 MHz or greater with 64 MB of RAM (128MB of RAM if using Microsoft Office XP) with multimedia capabilities including speakers and sound card, and a DSL, Cable, or T1 Internet connection. Accessing course materials with a 56k modem and dial-up Internet service may be possible in some geographic areas, but a faster connection is strongly recommended. Click here to determine if your computer’s video player is compatible with our streaming videos (this will take you off this page).

1. Technology and Information Resources
A. Most courses will utilize the first class session explaining the technology features that will be needed to participate in the course (i.e., e-mail, sending attachments, how to engage in chat rooms and threaded discussions etc.).
B. A demo for a sample Master of Arts online course is available to enable students to practice navigating through the online system. C. The UALR Ottenheimer library provides assistance to all UALR students for accessing library resources.1. For general library resources refer to the Ottenheimer library web-site: OR contact a Reference librarian, (all reference librarians check email and try to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours), phone: 501-569-8806.
2. For a tutorial accessing online library resources, contact the Reference Librarian: phone: 501-683-7290. At the present time, the tutorial exists as an email format, although future plans include development of an online tutorial.
3. Current students can search the following off-campus databases using their name and14-digit UALR card number from any computer with access to the Web:
ABI Inform
America: History & Life
Applied Science and Technology Abstracts
Art Abstracts
Art Index Retrospective
CCH Tax Research Network New!
Congressional Universe
Criminal Justice Periodical Index
ERIC **EBSCO trial database includes some full-text.
Government Periodicals Universe
Lexis Nexis Academic Universe
Moody’s FIS Online
Oxford English Dictionary New!
Proquest Direct
PsycInfo New!
Wilson Omnifile
To access the databases from off campus point your Internet browser to the following link:
After selecting from the list of database titles, enter your name and 14-digit UALR card number at the prompt. The 14-digit card number is on the back of your UALR campus card or it is accessible from your UALR BOSS account. Select personal information, then UALR library card ID number. You may also obtain the number at the library reference desk. If your campus ID was issued without a number on the back, you can get a new ID with a new number in the DSC.
American Psychological Association (APA) style (required for graduate research papers)
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact a reference librarian at 501-569-8806.
Internet Web-site Resources
A. Computer Applications Upgrade (Free online software program to install for routine evaluation of PC applications; scans PC and makes recommendations for software application upgrades as soon as they become available to consumers.)
CNET Catchup Utility
BigFix (broken)
Home PC users wake up to need for firewalls
UALR Information Technology Web Search Resources (Comprehensive list of web-sites for Search Engines and related Resources and DataBases. “Lost in Cyberspace! Seek and ye shall find!” (broken)
Google Search Engine (Google: Top industry Search Engine rate #1, 2001 by Search Engine Watch)
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch Awards
D. Google Catalog (Comprehensive search and browse tool for mail-order and/or online catalogs)
E. Start Spot Network (A condensed internet resource web-site ideal for beginning a generic search for issues/topics).
F. American Psychological Association (APA) style [required for graduate research papers]
G. Atomica Corporation (Free online dictionary and thesaurus; user friendly; can reside on task bar while composing documents for easy retrieval; “Just type in any topic and click ‘answer’”)
H. Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
I. New User/Beginner’s Tutorial to Internet Use WiredGuide Internet tutorial for beginners: [How do I copy and paste? How do I download a file and then open it? How do I open my e-mail attachment? How do I choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?]
Microsoft Word Tutorial for new users
Find Tutorials website

1. Technical problems with your pc equipment: If your computer is not functioning properly seek assistance from the vendor where the computer was purchased, or contact a computer technical consultant in your local area.
N.B. Students are expected to have a full contingency plan for use of a backup computer system that can be accessed in the event that the student’s computer breaks down while he/she is enrolled in online courses. Possible alternative computer resources may include:
A. Public libraries
B. Agency owned computer (if you are currently employed your agency may allow use of an agency computer for completion of course requirements)
C. Friends or family members.
2. Tuition or Registration difficulties: Contact Adult Student Campus Connect (ASCC)]; 501-569-8648. The Adult Student Campus Connection is designed to provide encouragement and assistance to adults entering or returning to college. This office seeks to provide the support students may need to make a successful transition to college life.
3. Grant funding problems, other issues specific to Orientation and Mobility Program: Contact appropriate Program Coordinator: Dr. Bill Jacobson, Orientation and Mobility; 501-569-8505.

Updated 8.29.2013