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M.A. in Rehabilitation of the Blind: Orientation and Mobility

Sample Program of Study by Semester

Students adhering to a prescribed program of study may be able to complete the degree in approximately 2.5 years.

Fall I:

COUN 7360 Rehabilitation Foundations
RHBL 7315 Medical Aspects of Blindness and Associated Disabilities

Spring I:

COUN 7362 Psychological Aspects of Disability
RHBL 7325 Low Vision Implications

Summer I (in Little Rock):

RHBL 7317 Introduction of Methods of Mobility

Fall II:

RHBL 7316 Principles of O&M
EDFN 7303 Introduction to Research (online or transferred in)
3 hour elective (online or transferred in)

Spring II:

SPED 7305 Managing the Learning Environment (online or transferred in)
*CNSL 7302 Techniques of the Counseling Interview

[*Please note this course requires a three day workshop in Little Rock at the end of the semester. Accommodations may be made to offer the workshop in Little Rock just prior to or during the next summer term. Contact the course instructor for more details and information before registering.]

3 hour elective (online or transferred in)

Summer II (in Little Rock):

RHBL 7318 Advanced Methods of Mobility
RHBL 7390 Practicum in O&M

Fall III:

RHBL 7395 Internship. This course requires a minimum of 275 direct teaching hours and a minimum of 350 total hours and can be taken in one’s home community. Full-time internships might be completed by the end of this semester or extended into the next academic term. Part-time internships will definitely extend into the next academic term. Site location and supervision must be approved by the faculty advisor.

Updated 4.16.2009