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International Exchanges

By Robin Henson 

Global research can also be found in efforts organized by the Arkansas International Center (AIC) at UALR.

In July, visitors from seven African countries came to Little Rock with an interest in security and terrorism issues. AIC hosted the visitors and introduced them to professionals working in foreign affairs, police departments, and the National Guard.

The center, affiliated with UALR’s Division of International and Second Language Studies, coordinates trips for about 150 international visitors a year as an opportunity for them to interact with Americans who share their professions. It also coordinates an annual trip to Asia for Arkansas teachers.

AIC Director Walter Nunn said the nonprofit organization’s affiliation with the UALR since 1983 lends credibility for garnering grants that provide 100 percent of the trip costs.

In collaboration with chambers of commerce, city halls, and universities, 90 cities participate in the Department of State-sponsored trips for government visitors in the U.S. Two other participating Arkansas cities are Harrison and Fort Smith.

Global education for Arkansas middle and high school teachers is another priority for AIC. This summer, 17 teachers from across the state who had taken UALR’s East Asia course had the opportunity to travel to China. The teachers created three lesson plans as a result of the project funded by the Freeman Foundation.