Campus Mail Delivery and Pick Up

It is important to have a designated spot to place and receive mailbags.  Each UALR department has two identicial mailbags that have a specific number (not a FOAPAL) for the department.  All outgoing mail should be placed in one bag along with all outgoing inter-campus mail.  Everything that is outgoing needs to be in the outgoing bag.  Once the mailbag is brought back to Mail Services, it will then be sorted.  The mail officer will trade out the bags and leave the other bag with the new incoming mail for the day.

Departments can also place any outgoing FedEx and UPS documents and boxes in the mailbag.  If the item is too large they may be placed next to the mailbags.  Note: When outgoing FedEx and UPS items are to be picked up they must have either the return sticker that was provided to you, or one of our Mail Services UPS and FedEx shipping forms attached to the item.  We will then process the item with our shipping software and place the appropriate label on it for shipping.  Remember, we cannot process personal documents and packages.  Everything that Mail Services processes is back charged to each department’s mail account.

You may want to leave a note for the mail officer so that they are aware of a FedEx or UPS item to be shipped.  Many times if the mail piece is too large, it will have to be picked up later by someone from Mail Services.  This may cause a delay because the mail officer is on a timed schedule and does not have a lot of room to take large packages.  If it is too large you may want to call our office to see if we can pick it up later, or you may want to bring it by our office yourself.