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ASL Immersion 2010

We sent 20 mentees and 5 mentors from our Region.  We had a very eager, interactive group that helped make the week successful

Immersion Group

See what other participants have said about their experience:
“Come with a good attitude, ready to learn, ready to be truly immersed in Deaf Culture.”  -Paula Thompson, Oklahoma, 2008 
“Do it!!”  -Heather Park, New Mexico, 2008“It was an amazing week.  I learned so much while I was here and I am so much more confident in my signing skills.  It is a long week, but the improvements are so worth it.”  -Stephanie Kurtzweil, Minnesota, 2008“I would tell anyone that it is an incredible learning experience and would strongly encourage them to go; however, to do so with fortitude and not let it pierce your confidence to continue.”  -Amy Hiller-White, Utah, 2008

“Wow! How do I sum up a 75 hour immersion week?  ASL Immersion week served as a very culturally and language rich experience for me.  It was a great opportunity to see how the Deaf community uses ASL in a variety of settings: medical, everyday use, formal, intimate, etc.  It was a great boost for me concerning classifiers.  In one week, my understanding and use of classifiers improved-I would say by 60%.  It was challenging for me-at that time, some of the workshops were
overwhelming.  However, it pushed me out of my comfort zone to rise to the challenge.  Overall, the experience validated what I had been learning in my classes, challenged my ASL structure and cultural knowledge, introduced to me a whole new understanding of classifiers, and challenged me to use all that I had learned and recently learned in a variety of settings.  I believe it is an opportunity that every student should attend.  I don’t say that lightly.  It is that rich!”
-Brooke Schumacher, Arkansas, 2007

“I liked that the workshops taught beefy things and challenged me even after MANY years of interpreting to see myself and analyze my skills”  -Gail Schenfisch, Wyoming, 2008

“One of the best things about this experience was having the consistency of being able to sign 24/7.  It provides a new perspective for signing and forced me to ask questions if unsure about a sign.”
-Jennifer Passaniti, S. Dakota, 2008

“Any time you have an opportunity for improvement, take it.  We never stop learning.  Participate in everything.  Take time to associate with the Deaf mentors and instructors because that’s where we learn the most.”  -Kathleen Royt, Montana, 2008

“You have to live within a culture and its language.  It has inspired me to continue, really!”  -Jenelle Martin, Colorado, 2008

“YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS!!!”  -Jonathan Galloway, Texas, 2008

“My experience last year at ASL Immersion was AWESOME!!!!!! I truly enjoyed myself and I was really happy to a part of that. I learned so many new things and met so many new people who I still keep in contact with today. That is the type of immersion that everyone should have who is learning a second language and strives to become fluent in that language. If nothing else, for one week I can say I had a better understanding of what it was like to be Deaf and the struggles that they encounter on a daily basis. So not only was it a learning experience for me but an eye opening experience as well.”
-Akeya Peoples, Arkansas, 2008

Updated 8.10.2010