Marketing Careers Resource Guide

Marketing majors often follow careers in professional selling and sales management, where persons become district, regional, and higher levels of sales management. Careers also exist in brand and product management, international marketing, business-to-business marketing, logistics and transportations, marketing research, and advertising.Michelle Pitman

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Marketing Career Resource Guide

American Marketing Association
AMA is probably the most important link for marketing majors. Click on marketing career management for a variety of resources.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Revised every two years, this handbook will provide the most current opportunities for given career and industry. Click on the A – Z index and search a career. It is very detailed and you can find very specific jobs. The index is very thorough and provides information on the nature of the work, working conditions, employment, job outlook, earnings related occupations, and sources for additional information.

Careers in Marketing
This is an easy to use site that provides an overview of several marketing careers including the necessary skills and talents, job options, salaries, additional links and resources, facts and trends, and the top firms for that career.

Salaries in the Marketing Field
An easy site to determine salaries including geographical areas, such as Little Rock. Click on career tips and strategies for help including interviewing, resume writing, and evaluating a potential employer. Salaries provided are average salaries in Arkansas as indicated by 2010.