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Student organizations open door

To help a student prepare for a career after college, the School of Mass Communication has four student organizations that anyone can join; no matter what sequence they follow on their way to a degree.

These organizations will give students a chance to network with other students and professionals in their future profession and to gain experience by working on projects with other students.

“By joining a student organization, students could find a mentor, a future employer, or even a future client,” said Amy O. Barnes, assistant professor and adviser for the Public Relations Student Society Association chapter. “Your career could just take off.”

Since the student organizations are associated with their national counterpart, students can also take advantage of the national organization’s benefits. The national chapters have opportunities for internships, scholarships, and networking at regional and national conventions.

For more information contact the organization’s adviser or go to the organization’s Web site.

National Association of Black Journalists
Adviser: Tim Edwards
Annual fee: $40

National Broadcasting Society
Advisers: Mark Giese and Ben Fry
Annual Fee: $50

Public Relations Student Society of America
Advisers: Jamie Byrne and Amy O. Barnes
Annual fee: $41

Society of Professional Journalists
Adviser: Sonny Rhodes
Annual fee: $36

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