Radio-TV Journalism Major Promoted at KUAR-FM

Radio-Television Journalism major Michael Hibblen in March was promoted to assignment editor at KUAR-FM, the university’s National Public Radio station. He has had a varied career in broadcasting in medium-sized and larger markets. In addition to his longtime work on KUAR, he also appears regularly on AETN’s “Arkansas Week,” a program that explores the week’s news.

“I started as a DJ in Arkansas, made the transition to news through an internship at C-SPAN, spent 12 years in Miami working for CBS News and the Miami Herald before returning home to Little Rock,” he said.

Hibblen loves news, but also enjoys other kinds of media work and programming. “For about a year in 1994, in addition to my regular show on KABF, I hosted a beat poetry and spoken word program,” he said. ” I took every opportunity to interview some of my favorite writers and poets, including Allen Ginsberg when he gave a reading in Arkansas.”

Hibblen embodies the multi-platform journalism that has emerged in the last 15 years as stations have had cutbacks and an increased need for flexibility with staff tasks related to audio, video, the Web, and photojournalism.

He enjoys photography, and is minoring in it at UALR. “While I love the convenience and quality of digital cameras, nothing compares to the look of black and white film,” Hibblen said. “Many years back I put together a few galleries, focusing on some of the more consistent topics I shot over the years. I’ve enjoyed my current class, learning how to use more professional-grade equipment and how good photos can be perfected.”

After 24 years as a news professional, Michael Hibblen is on track to graduate from UALR by December, 2012, realizing an educational dream that he has worked hard to achieve.

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