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School of Mass Communication

Professional Project Option

Students who choose the professional option take 27 hours of traditional course work, including MCOM 5375, Journalistic Freedom and Responsibility, and 6 hours of project-related hour. Project-related hours are divided up into 3 hours of project work and 3 hours of written project description and analysis.

A student must present an oral presentation of the project proposal to the student’s full committee and a defense of the completed project to the student’s full committee.

The professional option is designed for students seeking an advanced degree to pursue expertise in print or non-print-based informational and non-fiction projects, both in terms of content and effects. Generally, students choosing this option may or may not have an undergraduate degree in journalism. They may be preparing themselves for careers involving long-form print projects such as magazine feature series or book-length non-fiction projects as well as non-print media, such as producing documentaries or designing information web sites.

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Updated 9.13.2011