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School of Mass Communication

Faculty and Staff

One of the program’s main distinguishing characteristics–and a source of pride–is the personal attention faculty members pay their students. Faculty members, all of whom have considerable professional experience, get to know their students on an individual basis as they advise them from their entry to university life to their final placement in the job market. Full-time faculty members include:

Professor, Director.
Dr. Hoerschelmann received his doctoral degree in mass communication from Indiana University, his M.A. in communication from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and his B.A. in American Studies from the University of Tubingen, Germany. He was the graduate program coordinator at EIU. He is particularly interested in cultural history of the media, among other research areas.

Associate Professor. B.A., Mass Communications with a journalism and public relations emphasis, Southern Arkansas University; M.S.M.C., Mass Communication with a radio and television emphasis, Arkansas State University; Ph.D., Communication, University of Kentucky.
Professional experience: A year and a half newspaper reporting experience, three years radio public affairs production.
Teaching experience: UALR since 1992.
Specialty areas: Newswriting, reporting, audio/video production, pop culture.

Associate Professor. B.A., University of North Texas; M.A., University of North Texas; Ph.D, Pennsylvania State University.
Professional experience: ten years industrial video production; writing, producing, directing, and editing.
Teaching experience: UALR since 2003; 9 years at other universities.
Specialty areas: Video production, non-linear video editing, scriptwriting, media technology, mass media and society.

sonnyrhodes copy.jpgSONNY RHODES
Associate Professor: B.S.E. with a journalism emphasis, University of Central Arkansas; M.A., Journalism, University of Mississippi.
Professional experience: 25 years as daily newspaper reporter and editor.
Teaching experience: UALR since 2001; served as adjunct faculty at UALR several times since 1990.
Specialty areas: Reporting, design, editing, mass media and society.

jeannie_rollberg.jpgJEANNE NORTON ROLLBERG
Associate Professor. B.A., History, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA.; M.A., Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia
Professional experience: seven years TV news anchoring/producing/reporting; two years radio news anchoring/producing/reporting; twelve years radio public affairs producing.
Teaching experience: UALR since 1983.
Specialty areas: TV reporting, radio public affairs, ethics, mass media and society.

Senior Instructor, B.A. University of Houston; MEd, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
Professional experience: Over 25 years experience in almost every phase of video production; eight years in Australia producing corporate videos for Kodak, Builders Bargain Centre, Reliv Australia, and Sigma Data; in the U.S. he has worked for FOX News, ESPN, Court TV, and Thomas Films, as well as Ron Sherman Teleproductions in Little Rock.
Teaching experience: KvB College in Sydney, Australia, UALR since 1998.
Specialty areas: Writing, shooting, editing and directing.

Associate Professor. B.A. Hons. Dip Ed., University of Cape-Coast; MA. International Affairs; MA. Media Management; Ph.D. Mass Communication, Ohio University.
Professional experience: Years of experience in radio, Web Designer and Content Management.
Teaching Experience: UALR since 2006; 2 years at another university.
Specialty areas: New Media, New technologies, Media, culture, and society and policy and regulation.

amy barnesAMY BARNES
Associate Professor. MA. APR.
Amy Barnes has more than 20 years as a broadcast journalist – as a producer, reporter, anchor and assistant news director at KATV and KARK in Little Rock – and more than 15 years in the public relations profession first as Public Relations Director at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, then as Director of Communications at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She received her master’s in journalism from UALR in 1998 and recently joined the faculty in the UALR School of Mass Communication as an Assistant Professor. The recipient of several journalism, broadcast and public relations awards, Barnes became an accredited public relations professional in 1998 and has served on the executive board of the Arkansas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America for more than seven years, including as its president in 2003. She is currently the chair for the Southwest District of PRSA representing more than 2000 members in six states.

Associate Professor. B.A., Broadcast Journalism with minors in economics and political science, University of North Dakota; M.S., Journalism, Ohio University; Ph.D. Mass Communication, Ohio University.
Professional experience: five years as radio and TV news reporter/assignment editor; 4 years working in government and political public relations.
Teaching experience. UALR since 2007; 10 years full-time at other universities.
Specialty areas: broadcast news, political campaign and government public relations, early 1900s newspaper history.


Frank Fellone, Deputy Editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Ben Fry, General Manager, Public Radio KLRE/KUAR, UALR

Johnpaul Jones, Chief of Imaging, UAMS Creative Service

Rick Peltz, Associate Professor, School of Law, UALR

Yu-li Chang, Ph.D., Ohio University. Five years teaching experience at Northern Illinois University. Five years work experience as national news correspondent for CTS network in Taiwan.


Fleta Monique Watson
Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Mattson
Instructional Lab Coordinator


Mary Jean Thomas, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., (1977-1992)
Professor of Radio, Television, and Film

Edward Jay Friedlander, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.(1975-1996)
Professor of Journalism

Luther Sanders, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., (1974-2000)
Professor of Journalism

Lynda E. Wilson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., (1980-2000)
Professor of Radio, Television, and Film

David M. Guerra, B.A, M.S, Ph.D., (1976-2005)
Professor of Radio, Television, and Film

Bruce L. Plopper, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., (1990-2012)
Professor of Journalism

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