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School of Mass Communication

Alumni Profile: A TV guy in a newspaper world

Trent Ogle never thought he would work in print media, but he is now a “TV guy in newspaper world.”

Ogle graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film and a minor in broadcast journalism. His career has led him to jobs at various television stations across the state, but he has always kept his mind open to other job opportunities.

One such opportunity came along in 2006.

The title on the classified ad simply said Web Videographer. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was looking for someone with broadcast skills to provide video content for, the paper’s online version.

Ogle thought some of his colleagues might say he would be crazy to work for a newspaper.

“But, I saw where video was going, it was going to the Web,” Ogle said. “And I thought this might be a new change, a good change.”

He says the best part of his job is that he is given the freedom to produce the stories the way he sees them.

“When I go in to work in the morning, I get to find out who is going to play with me today,” he said. “Sometimes I am told by my assignment editor, ‘Here you go, see what you can do,’ and on other days the staff has set up a shoot especially for the Web.”

Ogle’s equipment consists of a small, lightweight video camera, a laptop with wireless capabilities, and a hard drive that captures the video digitally.

He sees the use of digital video on a newspaper’s online edition as a stepping-stone to a different type of audience.

“Society is now in front of the computer,” he said. “We are moving into what I call a lean-in society, everyone wants to get their information faster and they will be leaning in to the computer screen to get it.”

Updated 4.11.2007