Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication Emphasis – 42 hours

The Strategic Communication emphasis prepares students who are skilled researchers, writers, and planners capable of producing messaging campaigns for a variety of audiences.

School Core – 12 hours
MCOM 2320 Issues in Mass Media Writing
MCOM 2330 Mass Media and Society
MCOM 3310 Introduction to Web Principles and Design
MCOM 3315 Mass Media Research

Emphasis Requirements – 18 hours

ADVT 4310 Introduction to Public Relations
MCOM 2350 Beginning Reporting
MCOM 4312 Management Strategies
MCOM 4380 Public Relations Writing
MCOM 4381 Public Relations Cases
MCOM 4382 Public Relations Campaigns

Emphasis Electives – 9 hours

Choose one course from EACH of the three groups below:

Group I – 3 hours
ADVT 3300 Introduction to Advertising
MKTG 3350 Principles of Marketing
MCOM 4310 Media Sales

Group II – 3 hours
MCOM 2300 Introduction to Media Production
MCOM 4350 Production and Design
MCOM 4385 Advanced Web Design

Group III – 3 hours
Any other SMC course