Course Information

Course Information
Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a variety of courses to:     

  •  prepare students to enter graduate school,
  •  teach at the elementary and secondary level,
  • understand and use mathematics in other fields of knowledge with basic  mathematical skills for everyday living, and
  •  be employed and to act in a consulting capacity on matters concerning mathematics.

To satisfy the core requirements for graduation, students have the option to take one of two courses.  Please visit the link for more information on our core mathematics courses.

Core Mathematics Courses

Some students are required to begin in our Pre-Core Mathematics course.  (Beginning in Fall 2012, we will no longer offer two separate developmental courses Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.)  Please view the link for more information on our pre-core mathematics course. 

Pre-Core Mathematics Courses

For a complete listing of our courses, please view the link for our entire list of undergraduate courses in mathematics and statistics.

Complete Listing of Mathematics and Statistics Courses