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The Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences provides advanced preparation for careers in private industry or government or for doctoral study. Mathematics is critical to most areas of today’s highly technological workforce, and the master’s program is a passport to this exciting and expanding career field. There are four areas of emphasis within the program: Applied Mathematics; Applied Statistics; Computational Sciences; and Interdisciplinary Mathematics.

Class size is kept small to provide maximum teacher-student interaction, and the excellent, dedicated graduate faculty enhances the learning experience. The program is designed to accommodate full-time employees, with most classes offered late evenings and nights. It can be completed in two years by including summer classes.

Because computers are an indispensable tool for the applied mathematician, three computer labs are available with top-notch, research-quality math-science computers and software. The program is continually adding to and updating its software, and a number of courses in the program require computer use.

Admission Requirements
Admission to the master of science in applied mathematics program requires: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 (4.0 scale) or 3.0 in the last 60 hours, Courses in matrix algebra, differential equations, statistical methods, and advanced calculus sequence, and a scientific programming language, with grades of C or better, Six hours of appropriate advanced mathematics courses, with grades of C or better, (e.g., Analysis, Advanced Calculus, Topology, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Abstract Algebra) Applicants not meeting some requirements may be admitted with the condition of completing specified preparatory courses.

Program Requirements
The master of science in mathematical sciences requires 33 semester credit hours with a Master’s Research Project or 36 hours without the project. The program includes 12 hours of core courses, 3 research project hours or 6 alternate hours, 9 hours of from area of emphasis, and a written and oral final examinations. In addition, students must take the Graduate Record Examination general and mathematics sections by the end of their first semester.

Core Courses*:

  • 7311 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • 7322 Advanced Differential Equations
  • 7323 Advanced Numerical Analysis I
  • 7350 Mathematical Statistics I

There are a limited number of teaching and research assistantships available. The stipend amount is $3600/$3250 per semester with tuition being paid by the University. A fulltime assistantship requires 20 hours work per semester. In addition, graduate assistants can usually be employed during the summer semesters for an additional $1600 to $3000. Graduate Assistantship Application Form 

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