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Mathematics and Statistics

Information about Core Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers two mathematics courses which fulfill the core requirement as defined in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Math 1302 – College Algebra
Study of functions, including but not limited to, absolute value, quadratic, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential; systems of equations; and matrices. Three hours lecture. Three credit hours.

Math 1315 – College Mathematics
Study of set theory; logic; probability and statistics, combinatorics, populations, samples, normal distribution, mean, variance and standard deviation; consumer mathematics and financial management, voting and apportionment, graph theory.  Three hours lecture.  Three credit hours.

Which core mathematics course should you take?  It depends on your major and/or field of study.  Please see the Core Math vs. Majors List for clarification.

Updated 4.19.2009