Admission Requirements

We carefully consider each applicant’s demonstrated (GPA) and potential (GMAT or GRE) abilities and only admit those who are most likely to succeed.  To be admitted to the program, you must meet one of the following scores:

(200 x Overall Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT score ≥1020 or (200 x GPA from last 60 Undergraduate Hours) + GMAT score ≥1080

Regardless of total points, the minimum acceptable GPA is 2.5, and the minimum acceptable GMAT score is 420.

The GRE may be taken in place of the GMAT. If you choose to take the GRE, you can use the GRE Comparison Table for Business Schools to calculate your equivalent GMAT score.

International Students

International students must present a score of 550 or more on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), 213 or more on the computer-based version, or 79 or more on the Internet version. Alternatively, international students may present a score of 6.5 or higher on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

GMAT Fee Waiver

UALR graduate business programs participate in the Graduate Management Admission Council’s GMAT Fee Waiver Program.  The Program is intended to help economically disadvantaged students access graduate business education. If approved, the student will receive a fee waiver that can be used for one test administration (valued at $250). The number of waivers available is very limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are not eligible for multiple fee waiver awards.

Consideration will be given to, but is not limited to, students from the following groups:

  • displaced workers
  • under-employed college graduates
  • active military personnel
  • recently inactive military personnel
  • military veterans
  • historically under-represented populations

Students must have applied for admission to a UALR College of Business graduate program, paid the $40 application fee, and have official transcripts on file with the UALR Graduate School to be considered for a GMAT fee waiver award.

For more information see the Application for GMAT Fee Waiver.