Faculty forms

Nominate a UALR student to become a McNair Scholar (pre-application)

Faculty recommendations in support of McNair Scholars Program applications

All forms are to be completed and submitted online using the below forms. The forms do not enable saving, so you must complete in one session. You will need to copy and paste your written recommendation, where applicable, into the indicated field(s).

UALR Faculty ONLY – Recommendation Form for McNair Scholars Program Application (Must be signed into the UALR system. If you have questions for this process, please work with the UALR IT department.)

Faculty External to UALR ONLY – Recommendation Form (This process will require follow-up/verification of submission via email with McNair staff. Any UALR faculty, who submit their recommendation through this form, will be asked to complete the UALR Faculty recommendation form above.)

Current Mentors

Mentor Reports – To be completed on schedule as posted on the Google Calendar and/or Mentor Agreements