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Master of Education in Teaching the Gifted and Talented

Masters Degree Requirements

Requirements for the degree include a minimum of 36 hours plus a Comprehensive Examination.

Students must satisfy graduation requirements stated in the GATE section of the Graduate Catalog and additional program requirements found under the College of Education section. The University reserves the right to modify the policies and programs of study by supplying students with written notice of change.

College of Education Requirements (9-15 hours)

I. Research EDFN 7303 Introduction to Research and Its Applications**
II. Learning Theories (total 3 hours)
EDFN 7313 Learning Theories and Instructional Applications
EDFN 7320 Advanced Educational Psychology**
III. Assessment & Evaluation
EDFN 7370 Educational Assessment
(Specialized Section for GATE Majors)**

Gifted and Talented Requirements (18 hours)
*GATE 7350 Teaching the Gifted and Talented
*GATE 7355 Creativity Seminar
*GATE 7357 Curriculum & Instruction in Gifted Education
*GATE 7390 Supervised Practicum

Choose 6 hours from among the following depending upoon level P-8, 7-12, or both.
GATE 7361 Advanced Placement for Talented Youth
GATE 7363 Affective Needs of Gifted and Talented
GATE 7362 Administrative & Legal Issues in Gifted Education
*GATE 7356 Current Issues in Research on Education of the Gifted and Talented Learners
GATE 7393 Special Topics: Teaching Pre-AP/AP
GATE 7395 Internship
(1 practicum required for licensure)
(2 practica required for masters)
Electives (3-9 hours)

(GATE 7399 Thesis optional)

PRAXIS II Test: Gifted Education
P-12 Test 0357 Gifted Education
P-8 Test 0357 Gifted Education
7-12 Test 0357 Gifted Education

Courses over 5 years old are not allowable on a masters plan.
Chalk and Wire is required for the GATE masters plan.
*required course for licensure
**required course for masters

Updated 2.16.2007