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Master of Education in Adult Education

Statements from Previous Students

Myra A. Green
Graduated 2012

“Obtaining my Master of Education in the Adult Education program was one of the most rewarding achievements in my professional pursuits.  I found the coursework challenging, yet on the mark in contemporary standards that the real world job market seems to demand.  The faculty and staff were supportive, knowledgeable and truly made a concerted investment in my educational goals.  Whether it was helping me to obtain my internship or improving my writing and study skills, the faculty was there for me.  You can say I actually experienced what I want other adult learners to experience under my direction as an educator and teacher.  I discovered new lifelong friends and colleagues in classes with student peers that enriched my learning and challenged me to explore other areas of teaching in adult learning.  So now, I have the understanding of theory to validate practicality in teaching adults.  I’ve worked in a corporate training environment several years and this degree has provided my career with the punctuation and goal satisfaction I desired.  I am currently considering philanthropy as an area of adult education I want to explore in my teaching profession thanks to UALR.”

Vakeisa Jones
Graduated 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through the Master’s program in Adult Education here at UALR.  It was a very life changing experience with some exciting defining moments.  I was one of the youngest students in the program.  Most of the students in the program were already in their careers or were of the non-traditional student age.  The curriculum was eye opening and the professors possessed a great deal of knowledge and wisdom.  The program has made me more of a well rounded individual which I believe will make me a dynamic professional in the near future.  Despite the entire program being offered through online courses, which is not my learning preference, the journey was very enlightening and worthwhile.”  

Pam Warren
Graduated 2012

“Taking a job in the field is what began my quest to add Adult Ed certification to my teaching certificate.  Having now obtained the Master, I can honestly say that this academic experience has been the most fulfilling of my adult life.  Being able to enroll in the courses online was a huge plus considering that I worked full-time and lived two hours away from the campus; I was able to interact with my peers, meet some on occasion, and learn new perspectives about the career possibilities available in the field. New to teaching adults, I was a bit apprehensive about making a successful transition from the K-12 teaching environment.  However, the information I received about the psychology and motivation of adult learners was timely, relevant, and practical.  I was able to put many principles I learned into practice right away!”

“Dr. Robertson and Dr. Holtz were extremely helpful, even from afar, in helping me to understand the coursework concepts, and in providing the timely feedback I needed to be successful in the program. With their assistance, I have successfully adjusted my teaching strategies to accommodate adult learners and I would now consider myself and “intentional” adult instructor.”

Natasha Richards
Graduated 2012

“Attending the Adult Education program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock was a very positive experience for me.  When I started the program I was already working in the field, so I found the courses relevant to my everyday responsibilities as a center coordinator.  I became more familiar with the research and theory behind how adults learn and develop during my time within the program.  Working with other students within the program also gave me insight into differing perspectives and enhanced my learning experience.”

“The program was set up mainly through online courses, which I found to be very convenient for my busy life.  The courses offered were challenging, but I enjoyed the variety of instructional methods used, such as group activities, self-directed learning, and real-life experiences through courses such as the Internship.  The instructors were very supportive, and I could tell that my learning and academic success mattered to them.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is involved in teaching adults.”

Updated 10.9.2013