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Master of Education in Counselor Education


The M.Ed. in Counselor Education requires 36-48 (depending in prior credits) graduate-level credit hours to include required courses, electives, and supervised internship. For students without prior graduate credit hours, the degree is 48 credit hours. Students with prior graduate degree(s) or credits, contact the program coordinator to ask about transferring or substituting prior credits to count toward the counselor education degree.

College of Education Core:

(6 credits)

  • EDFN 7303 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDFN 7330 Human Development

Counselor Education Courses:

  • CNSL 7300 Foundations of School Guidance and Counseling
  • CNSL 7301 Counseling Theories and Applications
  • CNSL 7302 Models and Techniques for Counseling Interviews
  • CNSL 7303 Career Development and Planning
  • CNSL 7305 Appraisal Resources and Services in Counseling
  • CNSL 7307 Theories and Techniques of Group Counseling
  • CNSL 7308 Cross Cultural Counseling
  • CNSL 7310 Human Sexuality
  • CNSL 7313 Ethical and Legal Issues in┬áCounseling
  • CNSL 7330 Practicum in School Counseling
  • CNSL 7340 Internship in School Counseling (3 credit) 300 clock hours
  • CNSL 7640 Internship in School Counseling (6 credit) 600 clock hours


(9 credits)
Electives are chosen during the initial advisement session with the program coordinator. Students are recommended to consult their advisor prior to registration each semester.

Updated 12.13.2014