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Master of Education in Learning Systems Technology

The New Learning Experience

We are no longer learning in traditional ways. Everything in our society is moving at a faster pace.

Technology can create an immediate and highly-personalized user experience. A student is no longer forced to proceed at the same speed as the rest of the class. The modern learner expects enhanced learning experiences tailored for the individual and delivered as fast as possible.

This 36-hour master’s degree prepares you for the design, production, and application of these new instructional design methods, including creating and designing the following learning products:

  • Compelling documents and electronic displays
  • Cutting-edge interactive tutorials for web-based delivery
  • Instructional blogs
  • Purposeful and effective web pages
  • Complete instructional packages using digital images and film clips
  • Courses using a variety of course management systems
  • Learning resource centers

Apply for admission to the program and discover how technology takes human learning to the next level.

Updated 3.18.2014