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Master of Education in Middle Childhood Education

Language Arts and Social Studies

MCED Social Science and Language Arts

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements 44 hours

ANTH 2316 or GEOG 2312 (but not both) must be taken as part of the individuals, cultures, and societies core requirement of the University core in order to fulfill requirements and /or prerequisites for the major in middle childhood education - social studies/language arts.

Foreign Language Requirement 6 hours

Demonstration of proficiency or 6 hours
6 hours of any second language (including ASL) or six hours of the following ESL courses or a combination of both
LANG 4322/5322, 4323/5323, or 4324/5324
Program Requirements 13 hours

MATH 3383, 3384, and 4380
IGSC 4401
Social Studies/Language Arts Specialty 21 hours

RHET 3301
POLS 1310
3 hours literature
3 hours rhetoric and writing
HIST 4355
3 hours economics
GEOG 1311 or INTS 2301

Major Requirements

Block I - Introduction to the Profession (13 hours)

MCED 3105 Field Experience I

MCED 3301 Middle Level Philosophy, Trends, Family, and the


MCED 3303 Curriculum and Planning

MATH 3383 Mathematics for the Middle School

SCED 4321/5321 Teaching Diverse Adolescents

Block II - Curriculum Applications (19 hours)

MCED 3240 Field Experience II

MCED 3310 Middle Level Literacy and Literature

IGSC 4401 Integrated Science Methods

MATH 3384 Concepts of Geometry

MCED 3430 Integrated Middle Level Curriculum

SPED 4301 Education of Exceptional Learners

Summer Course (3 hours)

EDFN 3304 Assessment in the Middle School Curriculum

Block III - Professional Practicum I (15 hours)

MCED 4120 Licensure Seminar

MCED 4501 Internship I

MCED 4310 Middle Level Content Literacy

MCED 4330 Classroom Management

MATH 4380 Concepts in Probability and Statistics

Block IV - Professional Practicum II (12 hours)

MCED 4303 Professional Seminar

MCED 4602 Internship II

Total 136 hours

Updated 1.30.2013