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Master of Education in Special Education

The special education emphasis area in Teaching Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing prepares candidates for specialized classroom environments in either public or residential schools. It is a research-based, multidisciplinary program.

Student Support

The Arkansas Department of Education offers financial assistance to candidates who are completing this program to gain employment as a hearing specialist in Arkansas. Assistance is available in the form of tuition reimbursements, a textbook stipend, and, for individuals living outside a 50-mile radius of Little Rock, a travel stipend. Contact the TDHH advisor at the phone number above for details.

Program Requirements

The special education Master’s degree with an emphasis in teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing requires 36-51 credit hours. Candidates may be recommended for licensure after completion of 30-45 hours.

Special Education Core Courses (12 hours)

  • SPED 7301 Foundations of Special Education
  • SPED 7344 Collaborative Partnerships
  • EDFN 7303 Intro to Educational Research
  • SPED 7309 Seminar in Special Education

Emphasis Area Courses (24 hours)

  • TDHH 4301/5301 Foundations of Education for Deaf/HH Students
  • TDHH 7302 Language Development for Deaf/HH Students
  • TDHH 7303 Speech and Aural Habilitation for Deaf/HH Students
  • TDHH 7304 Curriculum Methods and Materials for Deaf/HH Students
  • TDHH 7305 Literacy and Deafness: Instructional Methods
  • TDHH 7206 Deaf/HH Students with Additional Disabilities
  • TDHH 7107 Technology for Deaf/HH Students
  • TDHH 7143 Field Experience 1
  • TDHH 7144 Field Experience 2
  • TDHH 7145 Field Experience 3
  • AUSP 7390 Intro to Hearing and Speech for Educators

Required Deficiencies (15 hours)

  • SPED 7305 Managing the Learning Environment
  • NTR 4340/5340 Deaf Culture
  • INTR 1320 American Sign Language 1
  • INTR 1321 American Sign Language 2
  • INTR 2320 American Sign Language 3 (or INTR 2330 Manually Coded English)

Some courses in this Special Education emphasis area are taught over the Internet as Distance Ed courses.  Individuals considering application to this program should be aware of the equipment requirements:

Minimum System Requirements Accessing course materials with a 56k modem and dial-up Internet service may be your only option in some geographic areas, but a faster connection is strongly recommended.

Real Player (available free at ) is needed for videostreaming.  Course materials are designed to work optimally with Internet Explorer 6 or greater and the Microsoft Office package including Word.�

Updated 4.14.2009