Full-time versus Part-time

Payments are paid at the end of the month based on the number of days enrolled and the first and last payment is prorated. Payments amounts differ based on chapter, the numbers of hours enrolled, remaining months of eligibility, and other criteria. See more information under VA Educational Programs below:

The UALR Bowen School of Law offers courses in the following sessions, a) Sixteen weeks, b) Ten weeks.

Currently UALR offers courses in the following sessions:

    a) Sixteen weeks, b) Ten weeks, c) Eight weeks, and d) Five weeks.

The Veterans Regional Office considers EACH term as an individual term. For terms that have overlapping periods, enrollment hours are added together to determine payment eligibility.

Full-time enrollment according to the Veterans Affairs School Certifying Official Handbook by classification. (Note: The VA determines full time rate of pursuit for undergraduate and Post Baccalaureate students.)

Length of Term Undergraduate/Post Baccalaureate Graduate/Doctoral/*Law
*16 week term 12 hours or more 9 hours or more
*9 week term 6 hours or more 6 hours or more
7 week term 5 hours or more 4 hours or more
5 week term 4 hours or more 3 hours or more

If enrollment is less than full-time, please review the Enrollment Hours for Payment of VA Educational Benefits to determine your payment eligibility based on the number of hours enrolled for the term.

Enrolled in More Than One Session During the Summer Terms

Credit hours are added together for overlapping term dates to calculate your payment
See example below on how your enrollment may affect your VA payment:

Example for Undergraduate/Postbaccalaureate students:
Summer Term Hours Taken
Term 1 (10-week term) dates: 5/27/14 – 8/5/14 3 hours
Term 2 (5-week term) dates: 5/27/14 – 6/30/14 3 hours
Term 4 (5-week term) dates: 7/7/14 – 8/8/14 3 hours
9 hours total

Based on the above enrollment, your VA payments would be processed as follows:

5/27/14 – 6/30/14 (These are overlapping dates between Term 1 AND Term 2) *Eligibility is full-time rate
7/7/14 – 8/8/14 (These are overlapping dates between Term 1 AND Term 4) *Eligibility is full-time rate
7/1/14 – 7/6/14 (There are NO overlapping dates-Term 1 only) *Eligibility is less than half-time rate
8/6/14 – 8/5/14 (There are NO overlapping dates-Term 4 only) *Eligibility is ¾ time rate

*Amounts are prorated if not enrolled in a full month.

  • If C33-Post 911 or C31-Voc Rehab receiving the Post 911 BAH/BHA in lieu of Voc Rehab stipend AND
    enrolled in all on-line courses, your stipend will be reduced.
  • C33-Post 911 must be enrolled more than ½ time to receive BAH/BHA.

VA Payment charts for monthly benefit amounts