Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP)

The Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP) is a state funded award to assist soldiers with their educational expenses.

Application requirements have changed beginning with the Fall 2013 semester.

You may send an email to: for the NEW Application dated 1 July 2013 or contact your Unit.

  • Fall term applications are accepted July 1 – August 15
  • Spring term applications are accepted November 1 – December 15 GTIP approval process:
  1. If approved for GTIP assistance, the Arkansas National Guard will submit the eligible students to the AR Department of Higher Education (ADHE). ADHE will compile the names and send to UALR on a roster.
  2. New Policy – AR National Guard will not pay GTIP funds for less than full-time (12 college credit hours).
  3. Your official enrollment will be reported to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education as of UALR’s 11th class day of the spring semester. You will need to be enrolled full-time on the 11th class day to receive these funds.

For more information, visit the AR National Guard Education website or call the Education Services Officer at (501) 212-4021.