Arkansas National Guard Students

We are proud of our citizen soldiers and airmen. Let UALR be your university of choice when you go back to school. Visit the Arkansas National Guard main page for helpful information.

Visit the Arkansas National Guard Education & Training webpage for up-to-date information.

Getting Started

The following is the process:

  1. Apply for admissions to UALR.
  2. Send all transcripts to the following address:University of Arkansas at Little Rock
        Office of Admissions
        2801 South University
      Little Rock, AR 72204
  3. Contact your base/camp education office for tuition assistance information.

National Guard Tuition Assistance (NGTA)

Effective Fall 2017, Arkansas National Guard members are eligible for tuition assistance.

The Arkansas National Guard Tuition Assistance Program (NGTA) is scheduled for final review through legislature and may not be available prior to classes starting for Fall 2017. Once approved, the application will be available online. *Late applications for NGTA will be accepted for this semester only*

What can I do NOW to make sure I’m eligible?

All Arkansas Guardsmen must meet the following criteria:

    • Be an Arkansas Resident
    • Complete Basic Training before fall 2017
    • Not currently flagged for serious misconduct (such as AWOL, ASAP, etc.)
    • Does not already hold a bachelor or higher degree
    • Enroll in undergraduate degree program at an Arkansas public institution of higher education
    • Must be considered to be in “good standing” by that institution
    • Complete FAFSA and YOUniversal (through ADHE website) applications
    • Let your school know you plan to use the NGTA and follow their policies


    • Submit application to Arkansas National Guard Education Services Office to verify eligibility


        Application will be available online at

        once it has been approved through the state legislative committees. Please check this site frequently. Once available download the application, read the

    Statement of Understanding

        , complete the form, and email to

What exactly will NGTA cover?

Pays tuition only; does not cover fees, books, etc.

 Pays up to 120 credit hours or until completion of bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

How is it used with other tuition assistance programs?

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) covers credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree, pays tuition, and usually can’t be used in conjunction with GI Bill. (apply for FTA through AT LEAST 5 business days prior to the start date of classes) GI Bill is paid directly to the Soldier and can be used to pay tuition, fees, books, etc., but has very strict eligibility guidelines based on each Soldier’s service and in most cases does not have a deadline for requesting funds (contact the VA or the Education Services Office to determine eligibility). NGTA CAN BE USED WITH GI BILL- NGTA will be applied to tuition first so that your GI Bill can be used to cover all addition costs, if you choose to use them both.

NGTA is replacing GTIP so they can’t be used together and no new GTIP applications are being accepted. (with the exception of a few grandfathered Soldiers)

When may I use NGTA?

NGTA will be available as soon as it completes review by state legislature. It is not scheduled for review until August and could require additional changes and/or reviews at that point.

Please review all submission deadlines for any other tuition assistance programs you are considering. If there are deadlines prior to NGTA becoming available, you will have to weigh the options of waiting for NGTA and possibly missing deadlines for other programs (such as FTA), or applying for the programs you know you are eligible for now and apply for NGTA the following semester.

For More Information: Visit us On-Line: OR Contact the Arkansas National Guard Education Services Office: Email to

Call 501-212-4045 (Education Assistant), 212-4021 (ESO), or 212-4011 (GIBill)