Steps to Take Classes at Another School for your UALR degree

  1. Meet with your advisor to receive approval to take class(es) at another school.
    • If Ch. 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment student, approval is also needed from your Voc Rehab counselor. Upon approval, counselor will send Form 28-1905 to the guest school. No further documents are needed for Ch.31.
  2. Approval needs to indicate the following:
    1. Student name and UALR ID#
    2. Name of course(s) to be taken at the secondary/guest school
    3. Statement to indicate course(s) will be applied to your UALR (insert degree and major)
  3. Submit a copy of this approval, signed by both you and your advisor, to the UALR Office of Veterans Affairs. The approval may be faxed to 501.683.7055 or emailed to .
  4. The UALR Office of Veterans Affairs will then email the VA Coordinator at the secondary/guest school to request them to certify your enrollment as a Secondary/Guest student.
  5. Please forward an official transcript of your grades to UALR at the end of the term, so transfer credit may be granted, grade permitting.

Other VA Educational Monthly Benefits Eligibility Policies and Considerations:

  1. The Veterans Regional Office will not pay for the following:
    1. a course that does not pertain to the degree you are seeking
    2. on-line developmental courses
    3. a course already passed at an acceptable level at UALR or any other school–(Check with your advisor: a grade of “D” may be an acceptable grade for your degree requirement.)
  2. UALR reports regularly to the Veterans Regional Office. If any of the following actions result in your having been paid more than what you are eligible for, you may have to repay the amount in excess of your eligibility:
    1. dropped class
    2. term withdrawal
    3. NC (no-credit) grade in a non-developmental course
    4. non-attendance grade (grade of F)
    5. incomplete grade that is subsequently replaced with a NC (no-credit) grade
  3. UALR also reports the following information to the Veterans Regional Office:
    1. academic probation
    2. suspension
    3. graduation
  4. Undergraduate students who have 60 or more Overall Earned Hours must have a declared major by meeting with an advisor in the desired program.
  5. Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate students must have a declared major  by meeting with an advisor in the desired program.