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Minor in Secondary Education

Provisional Licensure Option

Provisional Licensure Secondary Education Initial Track

Candidates are required to maintain professional connections with schools, and as graduates, they continue to work collaboratively with school colleagues, parents/guardians, and the community; in addition, they acquire the foundations and dispositions in research, problem-solving, reflective thinking and technology for lifelong learning.

For additional information regarding the Provisional Licensure, contact:

Rene Carson
(501) 683-7306

Program Review
* A candidate may pursue a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education while teaching as a full time teacher under a Provisional License if they meet the criteria listed below.
* The initial Master’s Degree in Secondary Education leads to licensure in a teaching specialty.
* Most courses are offered in the evening for the convenience of students who work full time
Admission to Graduate School:
* A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
* A 2.75 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 in the last 60 hours or a 3.0 in the content area.
* Passing scores on Praxis I in math, reading, and in writing. The tests are offered at Thomson ProMetric Center – 663-8280 or 1-800-853-6773).
* A content major and completion of all state and national accreditation agency requirements in the subject to be taught in one of the following teaching specialty areas: art; drama/speech; English language arts; life/earth science; physical/earth science; mathematics; vocal music; business technology; health / P.E.; foreign languages, and social studies.
* Candidates who have completed the baccalaureate degree and lack no more than 15 hours in the specialty area may be admitted to the program and may complete deficiencies concurrently with the master’s program.
* Completion of all application materials (Visit and follow the links for prospective students).
* An interview with faculty.
State Requirements for the Provisional License:
* A candidate must meet the following criteria to be considered for the provisional license:
* Be fully admitted to UALR’s graduate school and in good standing in an educational program of study (graduate secondary education or middle childhood education) and continually be taking classes. If the candidate drops out of the program or discontinues taking classes, then we will report them to the State Department of Education.
* Have passed the Praxis I and Praxis II content exams.
* Complete background checks (State Police & F.B.I.).
* Complete the application for the provisional license. NOTE: Completion of application does not guarantee approval. All sites must be approved by the Associate Dean in the College of Education
* Secure a mentor from the employing school. The school will assign the mentor. The candidate will need to have the mentoring form included in the licensure packet being sent to the State Department for the provisional license application).
* Social Studies candidates must complete Arkansas History prior to being recommended for a provisional license. * Applications for provisional licensure must be made through UALR’s licensure officer Rene Carson, 501.683.7306
Graduation Requirements:
* Complete the SCED Graduate Initial Track program with a minimum of 36 graduate credit hours with a 3.0 average.
* A portfolio accepted by the committee.
* All materials uploaded into Chalk and Wire.
* Passing scores on all Praxis II examinations required by the Arkansas Department of Education.

Updated 5.2.2014