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Minor in Secondary Education

Minor in Secondary Education: Undergraduate Level

Degree Requirements

Students interested in teaching in secondary education in Arkansas must be licensed by the state in a particular subject area. UALR programs in secondary teacher education are designed to prepare students for licensure. Candidates for licensure must pass examinations mandated by the state, and pass a criminal background check and a tuberculosis skin test.

Secondary Teacher Licensure Areas at UALR (Click on the links to the left for content area information)

Art Education

English Language Arts Education

Foreign Language Education (French, or Spanish)

Vocal and instrumental Music Education

Social Studies Education (History or Political Science)

Physical Education, Wellness, Leisure Education

Mathematics Education

Life Science / Earth Science Education

Physical Science / Earth Science Education


Minor in Secondary Education (18 hours)

Praxis Exams: Praxis Core: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12
Praxis II: All Content exams (listed below under content components for each licensure area)
The Secondary Education Minor is required in all programs and should not be confused with other blocks of courses or special minors required in some licensure areas.

Block I: Career Awareness Semester

Admission Requirements: Passing scores on the Praxis Core exam; 2.75 GPA; Completion of 60 hours; Completion of the following core courses with a grade of C or above:

MATH 1302 OR 1315,
RHET 1311 AND 1312,
SPCH 1300

Block I Course Requirements: (3 hours)

SCED 3210 Instructional Skills and Assessment
SCED 3110 Instructional Skills Practicum

Block II: Mastery of Principles of Learning and Teaching

Admission Requirements: 2.75 GPA; a grade of C or above in all Block I courses.

Block II Course Requirements: (6 hours)

SCED 4321 Teaching Diverse Adolescents (Prerequisites: ANTH 2316 and PSYC 2300)
SCED 4122 Adolescent Diversity Practicum
SCED 4123 Adolescents with Special Needs
SCED 4124 Classroom Management

Block III: Student Teaching

Admission Requirements: 2.75 GPA; a grade of C or better in all Block II classes.

Block III Course Requirements: (9 hours)

TCED 4600 Student Teaching
SCED 4330 Reflective Teaching

Updated 5.2.2014