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Minor in Secondary Education

Art Education

Praxis II Licensure Exams:
Art Making - 20131
Art: Content, Traditions, Criticism and Aesthetics - 20132
Art: Content Knowledge - 10133
Principles of Learning and Teaching in any area - 20521, 20523 or 20524
Students must major in art, completing the following curriculum (64

Foundations (15 hours)

ARST1310 Basic Drawing
ARST1315 2-D Design
ARST 2310 Figure Drawing
ARST 2315 3-D Design
ARST 2318 Designing with New Technologies

Studio (27 Hours)

ARST 3310 Advanced Drawing I
ARST 3320 Painting I
ARST 3330 Printmaking I
ARST 3340 Graphic Design I
or ARST 3380 Illustration
ARST 3350 Ceramics I
ARST 3360 Sculpture I
ARST 3370 Photography I
ARST 3312 Crafts I

3 hours of ARST electives

Art History (15 Hours)

ARHA 2310 Survey of the History of Art I
ARHA 2311 Survey of the History of Art II
ARHA 2312 Survey of Non-Western Art
Two additional ARHA courses, excluding 2200, 4302 and 4303

Art Education (10 hours)

ARED 3316 Teaching Art in the Secondary School
ARED 3345 Public School Art
ARED 4325 Foundations in Art Education
ARED 4194 Independent Study (Student teaching)

Students in the bachelor of arts in art/secondary education program who
want to enroll in a master of arts in art or master of fine arts program after
graduation need to take additional studio and art history course work at
the undergraduate level

Updated 10.11.2011