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Minor in Secondary Education

Social Studies: Political Science

Praxis II Licensure Exams:
Social Studies - Content Knowledge -1 0081
Analytical Essays - 20082
Principles of Learning and Teaching - 20524

Political Science Major (30 hours)

POLS 1310 American National Government
POLS 2301 Introduction to Political Science
POLS 3350 Arkansas Government and Politics
9 upper-level POLS hours.

At least three hours of POLS courses from each of the following subfields:

American Political Institutions and Processes

POLS 3300 American Political Parties
POLS 3305 Elections and Public Opinion
POLS 3310 Policy Process
POLS 3320 The American Presidency
POLS 3325 Legislative Process and Behavior
POLS 4310 Seminar in American National Government
POLS 4320 American Foreign Policy
POLS 4301 Judicial System and Process

Normative Political Theory

POLS 3390 American Political Thought
POLS 4380 Classical Political Theory
POLS 4390 Modern Political Theory

Constitutional Law

POLS 4350 Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers
POLS 4351 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

International Relations/Comparative Politics

POLS 3360 Comparative Government: Western
POLS 3370 Comparative Government: Developing Areas
POLS 4340 International Relations

Social Studies Minor (21-30 hours)

ECON 2301 Survey of Economics
SOCI 2300 Introduction to Sociology
GEOG 2310 World Regions
GEOG 2312 Cultural Geography
HIST 4355 Arkansas History
HIST 2311 U.S. History to 1877 or 2312 U.S. History from 1877 (must be
a course that is not taken as part of the University Core)
POLS 4397 Social Studies Teaching Applications

Updated 10.11.2011